Aaron Ramsey Has A Great Plan For Arsenal’s North London Rivals

It goes without saying that Arsenal fans aren’t very fond of Spu*s fans. There are plenty of reasons for that, but one of the big reasons for me is how every year, we hear how this is their year to surpass Arsenal, yet they always fall flat on their face.

Over and over again, they just can’t get it into their head that North London is red, and regardless of who they sign, it just doesn’t matter.

With that said, Arsenal fans never miss the opportunity to take a shot at their rival, and that’s exactly what Aaron Ramsey did. The Welshman was on the game show A League Of Their Own which aired on Sky 1, and Rambo was asked what would be the first decision he made if he was prime minister…

To be honest, I sure as hell wasn’t expecting him to say what he did, but I certainly appreciated his answer. I love how that was the first thing that popped into his head.

What are the chances that when he’s done with his footballing career, maybe he’ll get into politics?

Only thing missing would have been for Jack Wilshere to storm onto the set, grab the microphone after that, and yell – What Do We Think Of Tottenham?! Sh*t! What Do We Think Of Sh*t?! Tottenham!!