Le Prof’s Match Report: Absolutely Shambolic From Arsenal At Anfield

It’s been over 48 hours since the match ended at Anfield, or training session if you prefer, and I’m still trying to figure out what the hell I watched. I needed some time to let it really settle in, as I wanted to look at it with a clear mind, or at least a bit clearer than straight after the final whistle.

That wasn’t Arsenal. The Arsenal I know has been inconsistent over the years, and has turned in some poor performances, but that is one of the worst I’ve seen. It brought me back to some of the performances late last season, where the players looked to have completely checked out mentally. No fight, no determination, and no interest. WTF is going on at our club?! Can someone give us some answers, instead of hiding behind closed doors? The supporters deserve something.

Since there are a lot of questions, and needed clarifications, let us go through these one at a time. You may want to grab a seat, and a glass bottle of wine, you’ll need it.

I’ve always been the first to defend Arsene Wenger, but, I’m not sure I can keep doing it.

He continues to make the same mistakes over and over, and despite promise of change and improvements, it’s repeatedly the same sh*t, just different year. Is there no one with a proper sack at the club to ask questions? I can’t imagine that no one within the club is concerned, or doesn’t understand football enough to know that Arsenal is in trouble.

It’s understandable that Arsene Wenger is the king inside the club and he’s involved in essentially everything, but it gets to a point where someone has to voice their concern. I can’t imagine someone like Steve Bould or even Jens Lehmann are enjoying this?

Stan Kroenke is an absolute twat, and he probably notices by now that we are in trouble, he just doesn’t fuc*en care enough to do something about it. Have a look at his other professional sports teams, who also haven’t won anything significant in years. It’s simply a hobby and a business for him, nothing more. He could give fu%^ all if he wins or not. As long as he’s getting the bare minimum, that’s all that matters. He’s more interested in purchasing enormous ranches in Texas, and funding his hunting TV show.

Bellerin Out Of Position… Again!

I may not have a UEFA coaching license, but, I wish someone would ask Wenger what his reasoning is for starting Hector Bellerin on the left side. Defensively, he was never great, but did enough. Fortunately his pace allows him to makeup for some positional mistakes. Ever since he grew out his hair, and let that stupid mustache grow, his level of play has dropped dramatically. Are you able to tell me off the top of your head the last time you applauded a Bellerin performance? I sure as hell can’t.

Being average on the right side is frustrating enough, but Arsene Wenger has decided that he wants to make things interesting by putting him on the left. Wait, Kolasinac was signed, and he can play LB or LWB, but, of course, playing a RB out of position makes so much more sense. Putting a round peg in a round hole would be too obvious, and just too boring. Wenger would prefer to take a gamble and try to prove that he knows more than others.

Dating back to the FA Cup Final, Bellerin was deployed on the right side, with Ox on the left. In the Community Shield, same thing. Ox on the left, Bellerin on the right. Guess what, Arsenal played well, and won both matches. Against Leicester, despite getting lucky as fu&*, Bellerin again was deployed on the right.

Meanwhile, at Stoke and against Liverpool the Spaniard was playing on the left. So again, what the hell is the reasoning for playing him out of position? I’d love for someone to ask Arsene Wenger that question. And my last note on Bellerin, WTF was he doing on that third goal? That’s something I’d expect from a Sunday League player after a long Saturday night out with the lads and 15 pints later. He knows he’s the last man back, takes a horrible touch, and then instead of dropping back and anticipating Mane getting the ball, he nearly took Mane’s head off, only to then watch the LFC striker speed off into the sunset, leaving Petr Cech helpless.

Can someone please ask Bellerin to shave his fu&*en mustache, and cut his damn hair. Maybe he’ll regain some of the form we saw from him 12+ months ago. The way he’s playing at the moment, he doesn’t make it into any of the top 6 teams.

Rob Holding’s Confidence Has Gone To Sh*t

Rob? Rob are you there?! Well if you’re listening, we’d like to have you back.

After signing from Bolton, most Arsenal supporters knew nothing about him. Apart from being a young defender playing on the right side of a back four, many were still scratching their heads wondering why Arsenal didn’t sign John Stones.

Holding showed great promise last season, and one would only think that with another year under his belt, he’d continue to improve.

Just three matches into the new campaign, Holding had a below average performance against Leicester, which then resulted in Arsene Wenger dropping him from the squad against Stoke. Wenger said Holding was lacking some confidence.

So the logic is that your young defender is lacking confidence, and the best way to fix that is to completely drop him from the squad? And then against Liverpool, a match with now double the importance given the defeat against Stoke, you throw him back into the starting XI to go up against the likes of Mane or Salah? Someone please tell me how that even makes sense?

Defensively he still has to improve, but not many are as patient on the ball at the back as he is. Yet, this season, he’s been an absolute nightmare. There were a number of passes he made on Sunday which had me yelling at the TV. These were simple passes that Rob Holding would complete time after time last year. But for some reason, he just looks a shadow of himself at the moment.

With that said, my question to Wenger would be: There were times that he stated that Mesut Ozil was lacking confidence, but he still played him. Why is the approach different for one player than the other? If anything, Holding needs that added support given his age.

After dropping him against Stoke, with Mustafi and Kolasinac on the bench, why the fu*% did he throw him to the wolves? He basically tossed him into the deep end of the pool with rocks in his swim trunks, with no one around to help. Salah and Mane were salivating at the opportunity to expose Holding, and they did just that. Thanks Arsene, job well fu%%en done. I’m sure Holding’s confidence now is through the roof.

Again, I’m not UEFA certified, but I can’t imagine that’s the best way to help a young player find his confidence.

Aaron Fu%#en Ramsey 😡

I’ve said it time and time again, Aaron Ramsey is not a central midfielder. Yet, Arsene Wenger has an obsession with him, and anywhere he can fit him in, he’ll do just that. When will Wenger stop being so damn loyal to some of these players who don’t repay him with consistency on the pitch?

In Arsenal’s current setup, if Ozil plays, Ramsey doesn’t really have a spot in the starting XI. The Welshman is a number 10, who likes to roam the pitch without any defined defensive obligations. He has no positional discipline or awareness.

Playing him along side any other midfielder in the center of the park is asking to get overrun, especially since as it is, Ozil isn’t going to offer much on the defensive side of the ball either. So now you have two players who aren’t going to put in a shift defensively. But it’s interesting that for some reason, even supporters, put the blame on Xhaka or whoever else is playing on the midfield. Why is it never Ramsey’s fault? Has Arsene Wenger brainwashed you all?

This guy is good on his day, but apart from that wonder season he had, and the occasional goal that leaves celebrities hoping they aren’t the next to die, he’s a huge liability if played out wide or in midfield if two.

So why the hell does Wenger continue to force the issue?! Your guess is just as good as mine. I have no damn clue!

Make Record Signing, Then Bench Him Against Liverpool 🤔

Let’s get this straight. Arsenal went out and signed Lacazette after a few years of showing interest. He starts the first two matches of the season, and then against Liverpool, he’s benched. What could possibly have been the reasoning for that?

Was it not obvious that Danny Welbeck is not clinical in front of goal against Stoke? He even had a chance early in the first half where he fell back and put the ball over the goal, which I’d bet Lacazette could have done something with that opportunity.

Arsenal has been searching for a true goal scorer, they signed one, and then don’t fu%%en use him in a match away to Liverpool. This drives me absolutely mad!

And to top it all off, Wenger brings him on in the second half, but plays him out wide. He’s not a guy that should be tracking back to defend. You want to play Giroud as well? That’s fine, let Lacazette sit behind him. Do not put him out on the left.

This would have been like PSG signing Neymar, starting him two matches, and then they go away to Monaco, and don’t start him. Where is the logic behind that?

Certainly the players are taking notice of this and are also wondering what is going on.

Saturday’s performance, or lack there of has everyone talking about the Gunners. Just three matches into the new year, it already looks like this one could be more frustrating than in years past. I didn’t even think that was possible.

While we can’t erase what happened on the pitch, and I can’t forget all the stick I got from the lads on Sunday, Arsenal has essentially under three days to sort things out. If the transfer window closes and significant signings haven’t been made, I’m not entirely convinced the board will be able to hold onto Wenger given the pressure they’ll be getting from all directions, potentially even the players, which pains me to say.

So what’s it going to be Kroenke, Gazidis, Wenger? Will we continue to run in place, dragging our feet through the mud, or will action be taken? And by action I don’t mean promoting a new youngster to the main squad. I don’t want none of this like a new signing bullsh*t!