Arsenal Supporter Shared Her Thoughts On Twitter Ahead Of Tuesday’s Match

A daily browse through Twitter is always needed, not only for some informative articles, but you just never know what you’re going to find. This time, I came across some tweets sent from an Arsenal supporter to five members of the club, four of which could likely to be part of the starting XI today.

Estrella_AFC started off by letting Olivier Giroud know that while he makes an effort to look like he’s on the cover of GQ more often than not, Tuesday is not the time to worry about that sh*t! It’s time to get your hands dirty, run some dirt through that always perfect hair and get into a physical battle with Mascherano and Pique. If the Frenchman is unable to do that and find the back of the net, Estrella_AFC makes him well aware that MSN will have no problem dragging Mertesacker through the mud at a much quicker pace than he could ever imagine.

Estrella_AFC Tweets To Arsenal Squad

An injured Gabriel was her next target, and while the witch doctor scenario is highly unlikely, MSN running at Mertesacker scares the fu*k out of me and everyone else that supports the Gunners. As she mentions right below, no one wants to see Messi dropping nugmets… Wait, nugmets? She obviously meant nutmegs, and yes, I agree, the Argentinian could very well follow that nutmeg and escape right through Mertesacker’s legs, leaving him looking like a two-legged giraffe on roller-skates. That sounds like something Ray Hudson would say!

The most interesting tweet of all was to Alexis.

We all know how much he loves his dogs, but I’m not sure there will be much needed to motivate the Chilean for tomorrow’s clash. Going up against your old club, in front of your new fans and trying to prove a point… Yeah, I think Alexis will be ready to run through walls tomorrow, but we can only hope that the rest of the squad is ready to do the same!

Keep up the good work Estrella_AFC, and #COYG!