Arsenal USA Tour: Gooners Passed The Test

Arsenal USA Tour

While Arsenal supporters are in a panic about the lack of transfer activity this summer, the squad is preparing to make a quick trip over to the United States. Fixtures against the MLS All Stars (July 28th) and Chivas de Guadalajara (July 31st) are on the agenda for the 2016 Arsenal USA Tour. As they all prepare physically, a few of the Arsenal players took a stab at preparing themselves mentally as well, and it turned out to be quite comical.

To start, they are asked about the nickname given to the area where Facebook, Google and Apple are headquartered. Nacho looked incredibly confident that it was called Rubber Valley. Reminded me of that classmate that would show up for an important test, yet he gave zero fuc*s. He’d sit down, write his name, and flip a coin in his head to answer the multiple choice questions. You sir are incorrect! Rubber Valley? WTF was he thinking?

Meanwhile Santi was like your other classmate who magically knew the answer once he heard it, he just wasn’t able to think of it beforehand. Silicon Valley? Oh yeah, duh, I knew that, had it on the tip of my tongue, I swear!

Had they asked them where the best place to find good looking women in California is, I bet none of them would get that wrong!

The Avaya Stadium which will host the MLS All Stars game has a unique feature...

Ox went with his instinct again and got it right, but what’s alarming is that Nacho, Gibbs & Ox got it right, while Ox said – It’s telling me they like a drink. Does America have a drinking problem? Nahhh, what are you on about Ox!?

A very interesting third question stumped the contestants, and to be honest, I’ve never heard of this law. I was so confused by it that I went to Google and searched why it’s illegal to peel an orange in a hotel room. Who the hell came up with that law? Go ahead, it’s OK to do ask Google what the hell is up with that law.

What’s wrong with oranges? What have they ever done to California? – Oxlade-Chamberlain

That quote right there is brilliant. As he rubbed his chin, Ox was just as confused as I was, and I’m sure you’re feeling the same way.

Last but not least was a hip-hop reference, which I was confident Ox would get right, but I was not expecting Santi the correct answer from Santi. Ox even asked if Santi got it right, so I’m not the only one who expected him to get it wrong.

If you’re sitting around watching the clock hoping for Arsenal to announce a new signing, take the next three minutes to watch the video below, you won’t be disappointed.

Video Credit: Arsenal