Arsenal WAGS: Who’s The Winner Off The Field?

Football isn’t all about what you see on the pitch, which means that there is a lot that goes into becoming a great footballer. There’s hard work that comes with being a professional athlete, and when you’ve finally made it, you want to make sure you’re not enjoying the fame and spotlight all alone. While some choose to ride the female carousel for as long as possible, unwilling to sign a long-term contract, others prefer the companionship, or at least we think they do.

Here’s a look at some of the Arsenal WAGs, and while it’s obviously not all of them, it’s a few that certainly will catch the attention of most, if not all. From glowing smiles to bodies that will make you want to eat celery for the next 90-days, these ladies are responsible for keeping their Gooners busy off the pitch.

Which WAG do you think tops the list? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

Jesica Sterling (David Ospina)

David Ospina & His Wife Jessica Sterling

Colombia’s starting shot-stopper has had his ups and downs since joining Arsenal, but one thing that can be said is that he does not give up. Although he knows that it would be very difficult to take Petr Cech’s number one spot, he’s willing to stay in North London to take any and every opportunity Arsene Wenger gives him. Losing Ospina would have been a big blow to the Arsenal WAGs team, but thankfully, the Colombian beauty is still around.

They’ve both been together since their teens according to some reports, and while David is busy keeping the ball out of his goal, Jessica is busy working on her modeling career.

Want to stay up to date with what her and David are up to? Be sure to follow her on Twitter & Instagram.  And if you don’t already follow David, shame on you! Check out his Twitter.

 WAG Meter: 9 / 10


Isabelle Lopez Ramos (Nacho Monreal)

Isabelle Lopez Ramos

As if Nacho Monreal’s form over the last 18-24 months hasn’t been exciting enough, I present to you, Isabelle Lopez Ramos. What an absolute beauty, and that Arsenal scarf wrapped around her neck makes it a hell of a lot better.

It goes without saying that Monreal was far from a fan favorite when he first arrived in North London at the end of the 2013 January transfer window, but he’s slowly begun to convince his doubters. He’s really made a name for himself, to the point where he’s been Arsenal’s guaranteed starting left-back ahead of Kieran Gibbs for quite some time now, and was just called to the Spanish National Team.

There wasn’t much info on Monreal’s better half, but to be honest, pictures tell me more than enough about her. She’s beautiful, there’s not much else to it.

Have a look at her other pictures on her Twitter or Instagram account. Be warned that her Instagram is private, so are you going to be that creep who sends her a request? You know what, why not! What do you have to lose! Do It!

WAG Meter: 9 / 10


Vjosa Kaba (Shkodran Mustafi)

Vjosa Kaba

As if Shkodran Mustafi wasn’t a brilliant signing already, Vjosa Kaba has blessed Arsenal supporters with her presence as well in North London. Her husband has been a hit since his arrival, and I’m certain that it goes without saying that she will be a hit amongst Arsenal supporters, if she isn’t already. She’s got my vote!

Just in case you were wondering, she made it to the Maxim 100. It didn’t take me too long during my Google search to figure that out.

And, she was once voted the most beautiful woman in Switzerland, but don’t be fooled, she is Albanian, as are Mustafi’s parents.

WAG Meter: 9 / 10







Berta Requeno (Hector Speedy Bellerin)

Berta Requeno At Arsenal Match

Hector Bellerin has quickly turned into one of the world’s best right-backs, and one of the quickest. You can find him running tirelessly up and down the pitch, or making Pedro look like he runs as fast as a 95 year-old.

The young Spaniard is enjoying his time at Arsenal since breaking into the starting XI, and with the beautiful Berta Requeno to come home to, who wouldn’t be enjoying life?!

Here’s a photo of her supporting the Gunners and her man at the Camp Nou. Is it just me, or does a female instantly look more attractive with that Arsenal kit on?!

Anyway, her Instagram seems to be a big hit. It’s set to private, but the fact that she has 28.3k followers tells me it’s not all that private after all.

WAG Meter: 9/10


Mandy Capristo (Mesut Ozil)

Mandy Capristo

Well hello there pretty lady! At the young age of 26, Mandy is a singer, song writer, dancer, model, and… she’s the significant other of Mesut Ozil! I’m not sure if Mesut is the lucky one, or if she is. I’m not even sure if her name is Mandy to be honest, but Google tells me it is, although her Instagram says Grace.

Wether she prefers to be called Grace or Mandy, she’s beautiful either way. Now that I think of it, Mandy seems like it fights her better.

I don’t even understand German, but I’d go to one of her concerts!

WAG Meter: 9.5 / 10










Leonita Lekaj (Granit XhakaBoom)

Leonita Lekaj

Wow! Leonita, welcome to North London!

Leonita and Granit have been engaged since April 2015, and with that said, one can only admire Xhaka’s life choices. He made the move to Arsenal this past summer, fantastic life choice. He proposed to Leonita, another amazing life choice!

There isn’t even anything else I could say that would show my appreciation for the fact that she is one of the newest additions to the Arsenal WAGs team.

If there has ever been an Instagram page that you need to check out, it’s hers.