Arsenal Went Head First Into The Great Wall Of De Gea

Arsenal’s midweek drubbing over Huddersfield had some nervy moments, but, we came away unscathed. The Emirates was turning into somewhat of a fortress, just in time for a visit from the tw*t himself, Jose Mourinho.

I dislike him more than Wenger did Fergie. Being able to take three points from that arrogant scum would be an ideal Saturday. Unfortunately, all of that went to sh*t real quick, but there’s a hell of a lot more to the story than the score line.

Don’t You Dare Blame Arsene Wenger

First of all, he played some mind games of his own, after saying Lacazette was likely out for quite sometime. Not like that would have changed Mourinho’s park the bus strategy, but either way, that’s not something we see often from Le Prof.

He got the starting XI spot on again, thankfully. At the moment, that’s our strongest XI, and I’m glad he didn’t try to tinker with it by reinventing the wheel as he tends to do in these types of matches.

Tactically, it was hard to get an understanding because it all escalated far too quickly for my liking.

I had just sat down to feed my son, got comfortable, and then I see Koscielny play a stupid fu#%en pass across the field, which was incredibly simple to anticipate. While Kolasinac could have better positioned himself seeing as it likely wasn’t going to get to him, that is just inexcusable. That early in the match, considering the experience Kos has, and how well he’s been playing, he does that.

Already down, and I barely had a chance to process it all. There were probably supporters at the Emirates who hadn’t even made it to their seats yet.

Ok, we’re down, but it’s early. Let’s show some fight. Ehh, there we go again, shooting ourselves in the foot.

This time, Mustafi did well to get himself some space, instead of booting it, or playing it to Xhaka who was more open than Mourinho’s big mouth, he dwelled on it, and lost it. He then tried to get up and stop the play with a blatant foul but he couldn’t even do that correctly.

Now we’re down by two within fourteen minutes, meanwhile I’m wishing I could toss my son’s bottle at the TV, and somehow it would hit Mustafi, and Koscielny. What the fu%# are you guys doing?!!

What made it worst is that I’m not convinced Mustafi was actually injured. To me that seemed like an oh sh*t I fu#%ed up, we’re down 0-2, let me fake an injury and remove myself from what could possibly be a nightmare moment. I’ve watched it back a few times, when the hell did he get hurt? When he tried to kick the Man Utd player in an attempt to stop the play?

So if you’re even thinking about blaming Wenger for this loss, you my friend can piss off! It wasn’t Wenger who decided to make two stupid defensive mistakes. And while we’re at it, that third goal is Koscielny’s fault as well.

He had Pogba contained, had nowhere to go, and instead of forcing him to turn back or into an uncomfortable cross, he jumped in and let Pogba brush him off and walked right past him. What the f%%k are you doing to me Koscielny?!

Controversy & De Gea Spoiled The Party

Despite a two goal deficit, Arsenal absolutely took it to Mourinho’s men. Time after time, we caused them all sorts of issues, but of course, there was either a big tall llama looking Spaniard in the way, or, a whistle that had gone missing.

Xhaka played a header towards the back post, where Lacazette was unmarked. The Frenchman makes an attempt to toe poke the ball into De Gea’s goal from about three yards out, but, Rojo had other plans.

The Argentinian was about two steps behind Laca. With no one between Laca and De Gea, this is a clear cut opportunity. Rojo has zero fu#%en chance to get to this ball, so in complete desperation, he reaches with his left arm, nearly puts Laca in a chokehold, and pulls him back, not allowing him to get to the ball.

Now, people have said oh Rojo is defending his space bla bla bla. Listen, there’s a difference between shielding the ball, and pulling someone back.

Had Rojo been in a position where he was either beside, or in front of Laca, then yes, he would have been using his arms but his body was there to shield the ball. Instead, he was caught in a sh*t position, and stopped Laca from attacking that ball by putting his arm across his neck. That should have been a penalty, and a red card seeing as it was three yards out. Instead, Mariner swallowed his fu%#en whistle, play on, nothing to see here.

Just imagine what could have been of this match if Mariner had sent off Rojo as he should have?! 70+ minutes of all out defending, and Mourinho bitching and moaning on the sideline.

Chance after chance, either De Gea kept it out, or Xhaka was unable to find the back of the net. The moments of panic in that United penalty area during the first half were incredible. Yet, no one will talk about how dreadful Mourinho’s defensive unit was because of course, it’s Mourinho, and for some odd reason, the media love him. This is the guy that disrespects everyone and everything at any opportunity he gets, mocks reporters, laughs at them, yet, the media want to jump right into bed and cuddle him.

Just to give you an idea of how one sided it was in that first half…

Arsenal had 71% possession. That’s absolutely alarming considering the two teams involved. I could see this against a lesser opponent, but 29% possession for a team like United?

De Gea made seven saves, opposed to Cech’s zero, unless you count that near own goal from Kolasinac as a save. 15 shots from Arsenal, with seven hitting the target, and one bouncing up on the crossbar, to United’s two, which were both the goals.

How the hell was Arsenal losing 0-2 at the break?! I just couldn’t understand it, even with the two mistakes, how had we not scored?!

I had to listen to the second half on TalkSport because we took little Santi to take his first ever picture with Santa. Don’t you dare tell me he’s not real, I have pictures to prove it!

Sounded like the second half began with very much the same way the first ended. United defending desperately, with Arsenal unable to put the ball beyond De Gea, until Lacazette finally broke through.

The commentator on TalkSport said he wasn’t sure if Ramsey meant to pass that back to Lacazette, but after watching the match back, I’m convinced he did. When the ball bounced off his boot, he didn’t look at all concerned that it had possibly got away. Instead, there was the Frenchman to finally put one past the Spaniard, who had denied him various times before that.

Our tails were up, the crowd was loud, and Mourinho was desperately looking down the sideline to see if the linesman would bail out his sh*t defenders. Not this time Mou!

The look on his face was that of a man who looked very concerned. He knows very well that Arsenal didn’t deserve to be trailing given what they had put into that match, yet, the scoreline said otherwise. With approximately 40 minutes to play, he knew he was going to have to sweat it out.

We were throwing the kitchen sink at them and almost got hit on the break by Lingard, but a save from Cech pushed the ball onto the post, and then Monreal was there to block Martial’s follow up shot. This match was absolutely frenetic, some would say the most exciting match this season.

At the other end, Lacazette was denied by De Gea again, somehow reaching back to get a hand on Laca’s left footed strike. If that wasn’t torture enough, Alexis followed it up, but the Spaniard also saved that with his right foot. Are you fu%^en kidding me! This man is not human!

Iwobi had a stab at it, with a low powerful strike, but, guess who… fu#%en De Gea AGAIN!

Chance after chance, it just wasn’t going in. The momentum was with us pretty much the entire match, and then, while one team pours forward and puts on an offensive clinic, the other takes advantage of the three chances they got.

I’ll let you guess who gave the ball away cheaply in the midfield, which resulted in United’s third goal. Go ahead, have a guess.

If you guessed Alexis, you’re abso-fu#%enlutely correct. He not only gave it away that time, but something like 34 times. A player of his skill giving the ball away that many times is unreal.

Mourinho’s celebration said it all. The fu%#en midget jumped out of his seat, knowing very well his sh*t team was about to walk away with three points the didn’t really deserve based on the run of play.

Having to deal with De Gea wasn’t bad enough, we had to also endure yet another missed call from the man with the whistle.

Welbeck got into the box, cuts it back, and Darmian took his leg out from underneath him. Such an obvious pen, but, Mr. Mariner wouldn’t want to upset Mourinho again, seeing as he had already sent Pogba off for a more than obvious stomp on Bellerin. It appears Mourinho, his ignorant staff, and Pogba himself thought there was nothing wrong with that play. Are you surprised?

Had that pen on Welbz been called it could have made for a very interesting final ten or so minutes. Instead, it looked as if no matter what Arsenal did, either De Gea or the man in the center of the pitch would be there to have their say.

Taking Positives From A Negative

If you couldn’t already tell, I absolutely hate when Arsenal drop points, specifically against certain opposition, or managers. I would have preferred they drop points against Huddersfield, and beat United.

It still amazes me how dominant we were, possibly our best all around offensive performance in quite sometime, yet, we had nothing to show for it. We’ve had solid offensive performances, but this was nearly the entire match, wave after wave, they just kept coming. Generally Arsenal will go through spells of high pressure and free flowing footy, but Saturday, it was relentless.

Ozil was once again sublime. He looks to have found a confidence he’d been missing. He took on players, had a great change of pace, looked very comfortable on the ball, and he seemed to always pick the right pass.

Lacazette also had himself a match, and Arsene Wenger didn’t sub him off. Well done Wenger, we’ll fu#%en done!

His movement off the ball caused Rojo, Lindelof and Smalling loads of issues. His touch in close quarters is brilliant, and even if he drops deep to get involved, he’s capable of helping the team. To think that he cost less than Lukaku is amazing.

I’d say the ultimate positive from this match was that the entire squad showed fight, even after going down two goals so early on. Normally, you’d expect Arsenal to implode, and concede four or five in that situation, but had it not been for De Gea and arguably his best ever performance, the end result could very well have been different. Arsene Wenger said it best – Football is about efficiency. We weren’t!