We Are In For Another Arsene Wenger Transfer Window Special

Being an Arsenal supporter is already difficult during the January transfer window, but that frustration multiplies during the Summer months. Hopeful is an appropriate word to describe how I feel, and while I shouldn’t speak for most supporters, I think it’s safe to say we all wake up hoping to hear that Arsene Wenger has signed that world-class player. Since Granit Xhaka signed, we’ve all been waiting patiently, but again, I’m hopeful that Le Prof will get his business done.

Adding to the frustration is the fact that Arsenal’s transfer list seems to grow everyday. If he plays footy, is at least 16 years old, can spell Arsene and would look great in their skin tight PUMA kits, he’s on Arsenal’s radar. At times, it seems like reporters just pick a name out of a hat and decide they’ll torture Arsenal supporters a bit more.

It might be easier to mention who we haven’t been linked with to be honest. But, just to remind ourselves, we’ve heard about unlikely signings such as Jonny Evans, Cavani, Higuain  and Aubameyang. Then we have the somewhat likely options – Lacazette, Draxler and Mustafi. Let’s also not forget those photoshopped images of Arda Turan in an old Arsenal track jacket that almost sent Twitter into a frenzy. Hats off to whoever came up with that idea. That was clickbait at its finest! I’m not even going to talk about Mahrez because we’ve all aged a few years having had to wait for Vardy to make his decision.

Arda Turan Arsenal Photoshop

Photoshopped Image Of Arda Turan Wearing An Arsenal Track Jacket

Lastly, we have those targets that come with way too much baggage, yet the media continue to insist on it, and although we kind of, sort of want it to happen, we are slightly concerned deep down inside. If you haven’t guessed, I’m referring to Mauro Icardi, and his lovely wife Wanda Nara.

For those who thought what John Terry did to Wayne Bridge was bad, this guy called Terry’s bet, and then went all in.

Maxi Lopez was one of his good friends and teammate, but Icardi wasn’t bothered by that, leading to him shagging Wanda, married her, tattooed Maxi’s kid’s names on his arm, and now Wanda is his agent. Who the hell wants to deal with that sh*t? Bad enough this guy has no shame, his wife/agent seems like she’s a handful, although admittedly she’s fun to look at, and her husband is a great footy player. But, when it’s all said and done, Wanda alone could give good ol’ Arsene Wenger a heart-attack.

Now, back to what’s important. What the hell can we expect to happen from now until the end of August in terms of transfers?

For one, a striker needs to be signed.

Olivier Giroud can’t go another season having to carry the load up front. He’s going to go through periods where things don’t go well, and that’s when your other world-class striker steps up and vice versa. Without another proven goalscorer, we are left with Yaya Sanogo and Theo Walcott, who said he wants to go back to playing out wide. As you read this you may be tempted to let the names Akpom and Asano slip out of your mouth, and while I’m excited to see what they bring to the table this season, we can’t pass up on the opportunity of signing a proven scorer, hoping that they both magically will become the saviors. Could it happen, sure, but I’d rather not roll the dice.

Lastly, an experienced defender needs to come in. Mertesacker’s injury could be a blessing in disguise to be honest. With Mustafi being linked, it appears that it’s likely going to happen, but Valencia are just waiting for Arsene Wenger to send over his coupons to see if he can knock down the transfer fee.

What if Mustafi doesn’t sign? Well, they’d need to focus their attention on another experienced defender who can jump higher than Mertesacker, which is about a 3-inch vertical, and can sprint 10-yards quicker than 10 seconds. There are plenty of options out there, but we all know what makes Arsene Wenger cringe.

We are just about one week away from the opening match, but approximately three weeks from the close of the transfer window. Grab your popcorn and find a comfortable seat folks, this looks like it’s going to come down to the wire. We are in for another Arsene Wenger Transfer Window Special.

PS – It’s been reported that Real Madrid are looking to transfer Isco. How long before he is linked with Arsenal again?