Arsene Wenger With A New Year, New Me Look Against Newcastle

We’ve all become used to Arsene Wenger’s fashion choices while on the bench during a match. A black or blue suit with a white or blue button-up, and dress shoes which look like the first pair he ever bought since arriving in North London many years ago. He’s not one to wear a tracksuit on the sideline, but he must have made a New Year resolution, or he partied so hard that he just didn’t have any interest in dressing up.

It’s a home match, the missus hasn’t done the laundry… Hell with it, I’m wearing my new PUMA tracksuit that I got for Christmas!

The usual Arsene Wenger attire

Arsene Wenger Suit

Arsene Wenger Version 2016 (No Fu**s Given)

Arsene Wenger Tracksuit

Couldn’t go without busting out the big puffy coat. He probably had PUMA ship it already zipped up, he then just stepped into almost like a dress. Looking good Mr. Wenger!

Arsene Wenger Tracksuit III