The Atmosphere Surrounding Arsenal Is Dangerously Toxic

It’s been a while since I’ve had a chance to talk about Arsenal, but now that we’ve settled into the new place, it’s time to get back to it. A lot has happened since my last post, and unfortunately, not much, if any, has been positive (from an Arsenal perspective). Had to throw that in there, just in case the missus reads this.

From shit performances, Arsene Wenger’s indecision, total chaos amongst the supporters, and did I mention shit performances, Arsenal may have hit rock bottom. Sure, it’s not the bottom of the barrel, but for a club like Arsenal, things are not going well.

Before I go any further, it must be said that what happened on Sunday at the Emirates between supporters inside and outside the stadium is embarrassing. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion regarding the club’s current form and their future, but if anything, all they are doing is turning Arsenal Football Club into more of a laughing stock than they already are.

As if the footy world didn’t already look at Arsenal and laugh given their inability to win the Premier League, or their continuous lack of ambition. Now, the disagreements between the #WengerIn and #WengerOut brigades are taking the headlines.

So while supporters are doing their best to impersonate their favorite wrestlers at the Emirates, Arsene Wenger has decided he’s going to keep his cards close to his chest. On top of that, no one on the Arsenal board has a sack big enough to make a god damn decision.

We all know what the probable decision is.

For some reason, Ivan Gazidis and Arsene Wenger think they are so clever, holding out to announce Le Prof’s extension until results have somewhat improved. The problem is that their collective performances aren’t improving, individual performances are alarming, and after having a glance at the league standings, Stan Kroenke may very well be shedding a tear at the thought of finishing outside the top four.

If my prediction is accurate, Arsenal will announce Arsene Wenger’s extension after the FA Cup Final.

Yes, I’m saying Arsenal will be in the FA Cup Final, and I’m going to predict they beat Spu*s. While winning the FA Cup should in no way merit an extension for Wenger, doing so against Spu*s would give the board a perfect opportunity to say look, we just beat our rivals and won another trophy, Arsene Wenger is our man, let’s extend his contract.

If that does happen, anyone in North London with an #InWengerWeTrust banner better run for the hills. The #WengerOut brigade will be on the hunt, as if it was you who swayed Silent Stan’s decision.

My problem with this whole situation is the fact that yes, Arsene Wenger has to take some of the blame, but so does Ivan Gazidis, so does Stan Kroenke, and so do the players.

Arsene Wenger has always been a manager who defended his players. He’s not one to throw his players under the bus, and you’d think they’d repay him for that loyalty. Instead, they put in half hearted performances as if the Frenchman hasn’t put all his trust in them. He brought you to Arsenal Football Club you tw*t, how about you put in a god damn performance and show your appreciation?!

Their match against West Brom prior to the international break for me proved that the players aren’t really interested in standing up for their manager. I fully expected them to come out with a passionate performance after all the stick Arsene Wenger has dealt with over the last month or so. Boy, was I wrong!

Uninterested is the perfect word to describe what we saw at the Hawthorns.

They conceded two goals from corner kicks, with Aaron Ramsey marking West Brom’s best player in the air. Let me repeat that – Aaron Ramsey was selected to keep close tabs on Dawson from a set piece. That certainly was discussed prior to the match right? If it was, I’m beginning to think that when they decide which players to defend, they just pick names out of a hat. And for corners from the right side we got (shaking the hat), Santi Cazorla, who will be responsible for defending (shaking other hat), Peter Crouch.

After it happened for the opening goal, you’d think that if there were leaders in that squad and they actually cared, someone like Koscielny would have grabbed Ramsey by the neck and said piss off, I’ll stay with Dawson. Instead, on the third goal, they decided to let three West Brom players battle each other for the ball from the corner kick. Let’s trick them into defending themselves, that should work.

Another defeat and three more goals conceded, as if the 10 they were left with after the Bayern Munich debacle wasn’t enough.

One would have thought the international break would help them sort things out internally, and it was even mentioned that the board gave Arsene Wenger an ultimatum. Apparently he had to give them his decision, but, we still don’t know for sure.

Manchester City showed again on Sunday how poor Arsenal is at the moment.

Within the first five minutes, City got in behind the the Arsenal back four three times, with the third time resulting in Sane’s goal. They have no positional discipline, Arsene Wenger doesn’t give them any guidance from the touchline, and they don’t have one single leader with a damn voice on the pitch. Not one! And before you tell me Koscielny is captain material, sorry, he’s far from it.

A captain and leader would have given his teammates an earful after the first two times, instead, it happened a third, a fourth, a fifth, etc..

When Arsenal had leaders on the pitch, it all worked even with Wenger not being vocal because players like Vieira, Petit, Parlour, Dixon, Bould, etc, did the yelling for him. Now, he doesn’t have that on the pitch, and off the pitch it’s like he’s in a fuc*3n library. Can’t get up and yell at my players, I may hurt their feelings.

The only ones in the squad against City that showed some fight were Monreal and Alexis, in my opinion.

Bellerin looks to have either mentally checked out, or he’s thinking about what he’s going to post on SnapChat after the match. What the f**k happened to him? Mustafi, sure he scored the second goal, but he makes error, after error. There were times he was further forward than Xhaka and Coquelin. WTF is he doing? Oh wait, that happened for City’s first goal.

Koscielny, may be the captain, but he’s far from one. He may be a good player, but that doesn’t mean he should be leading the team out onto the pitch. On top of that, he comes off at halftime again. Coquelin, I think we can all agree that when he was recalled from Charlton, he was absolutely playing above his level. He looks so lost out there, it’s painful to watch.

At least two times he went running like an idiot straight at Caballero to pressure the ball. Hey Coq, you’re a holding midfielder, what are you doing pressuring the ball that high? He then leaves Xhaka exposed, who isn’t the speediest of the bunch. These are the things Wenger and his leaders should be correcting throughout the match. Instead, Koscielny isn’t ruthless enough, and Arsene Wenger is too busy playing with a damn elastic to be bothered.

The last one I’ll talk about is Ozil.

This guy continues to get on my nerves, and against City it was no different. His body language was never great, but he looks as interested to be out there as I do to be washing dishes after dinner.

That bad touch Otamendi took which led to a near gift for the German, and the best he could do was a half hearted effort. It was a 50/50 ball with the goalkeeper, but Ozil didn’t seem interested in getting his fancy shoes dirty. Tell you what, Alexis would have got to that ball, gone past Caballero and would have scored.

After the match, Arsenal supporters were talking about how the team showed fight, bouncing back twice. If they weren’t fuc*ing about, they wouldn’t have had to come from behind twice. How about that?! Both City goals were gift wrapped with a bow, and you’re happy that they showed fight?! Give me a break.

Their next three Premier League matches are against West Ham, away to Palace and away to Middlesbrough. I’m willing to say Arsenal doesn’t get more than three points from those three fixtures (I sure hope I’m wrong).

PS – Be sure to prepare yourselves for Wednesday’s match against the Hammers. Andy Carroll is coming to the Emirates, and we all know they’ll be dumping crosses into the 18-yard box for him to get his head on. I’m going to guess Bellerin’s name will be drawn out of the hat to defend Carroll on set pieces.