Being A Fan Taken To The Next Level By Arsenal Supporter

Every supporter of a club has their own unique way of showing their support. Some will get tattoos, others will collect memorabilia, and then their are those who go above and beyond that.

When I say above and beyond, this guy threw his newborn daughter into the mix.

Clare Smith thought Mr. Smith was being oh so creative and cute when he came up with the thought of naming their daughter Lanesra. It’s different, I don’t know anyone else with that name… Our daughter will be unique.

Clare fell right into the trap. Little did she know that while Mr. Smith with the creative imagination was thinking of names for his daughter, he was also thinking about all the wonderful goals Thierry Henry scored in an Arsenal kit. Or even the sublime finishes from Dennis Bergkamp.

After two-years, Mr. Smith finally confessed how he came up with the name. Oh, by the way love, our daughters name is Arsenal spelt backwards. HA! Goteem!

Arsenal Fan Calls His Daughter Lanesra