Can AÖL Propel Arsenal To Success?

It took nine Premier League matches, but, supporters finally got what they’d been asking for since the start of the campaign. Alexis, Ozil and Lacazette are capable of making any defense cringe, and they did just that against Everton. In a match that Arsenal was arguably under less pressure than the hosts, something that doesn’t happen often, they delivered, even if needing to come from behind. And to boot, their victory turned out to be the final nail in Ronald Koeman’s coffin. Arsene Wenger getting other managers sacked, how’s that for some proper banter.

With most Arsenal supporters on a high, the expectation was that AÖL would run all over Swansea, but, that wasn’t the case.

Despite the fact that the Swans are hanging out just above the relegation zone, they had only conceded ten goals from nine matches. Away from home, they had conceded just one from four, having also played to a scoreless draw away against Spu*s, who the English media are in love with at the moment.

Understandable that everyone’s expectation is for Arsenal to smash a team like Swansea, especially at home, but, that’s not always the case. As I said, if they were good enough to not concede away to Spu*s, and the media will say they are miles ahead of Arsenal, then why are people surprised? Not to mention from their last eight meetings in North London, Arsenal has won just four times, and always by one goal.

If their performance against Everton was mouthwatering, I’d say against Swansea it was far from that. But do they have what it takes to help Arsenal succeed?

Can AÖL guide Arsenal to domestic, and possibly European success?

Any footy fan, regardless of the club they support would have to say they are an exciting trio to watch. Between them, there is creativity, pace, strength, vision, and goals. The final piece they’ll need is confidence and a supporting cast that is up for the challenge, which isn’t always the case.

During a long and exhausting campaign, it’s not only the best players within the squad that will make a difference. It goes without saying that in the decisive moments, it’s always good to have an Alexis, Ozil or Lacazette to get things done, but, as we saw on Saturday, they won’t always be at the top of their game. For that reason, their teammates will have to ocassionally give the squad that little push across the finish line. 

I think it’s safe to say that this is easily Arsenal’s best front three in quite some time. They do have what it takes to help the Gunners succeed, but, there is always the possibility that AÖL could become just L after the January Transfer Window.

Not wanting to get over excited after just two performances together, we’d all like to see a bit more from them before making more concrete assumptions. But in the event that they really start to gel, seeing as selling in January would likely come with a 50% off coupon, Arsenal should just bite the bullet and keep them until the end of the season. Maybe, just maybe, if they manage to have a positive year, they could keep AÖL together. Regardless of that, you don’t breakup the chemistry if all is well when January comes around.

In the event that things aren’t going as expected, or the chemistry just isn’t there, taking any money or players in exchange becomes a feasible solution.

While we’d all like the perfect ending, you just never know what to expect from the Gunners. So for the time being, we’ll hope for more performances like at Goodison Park, and less like against Swansea. Next up, Manchester City, how about another exciting offensive performance?!