Danny Welbeck’s Goal Sent A Butthurt Leicester City Fan Into A Meltdown

Heading into Sunday’s match against Leicester City, I was confident of the three points. So confident, I put a dinner wager on it with my cousin… I like my steak medium-well! Anyway, while I was confident of a win, I sure as hell didn’t expect 90+ minutes of intense footy, only to be topped off with a brilliant finale.

Danny Dat Guy Welbeck is back, and he sure as hell picked the right time to make it known.

As Mesut Ozil lined up to take that set piece, he prayed for the footy gods to somehow guide that ball into the goal that was so well protected by Kasper Schmeichel. While Ozil prayed, I too said a silent prayer as I hoped to be able to jump up off the couch in an uncontrollable celebration, causing my wife to ask – WTF is wrong with you. Our prayers were answered!

Welbeck so gently guided the ball into the corner of the goal with his oh so soft hair. He sent the fans in the stadium into chaos, the Arsenal players were jubilant, Arsene Wenger in his big puffy coat was hopping around with his fists clinched, and I… Well, I was celebrating so much, my hands hurt from clapping, but the best part was that my wife has become so used to my profanity filled celebrations, that she silently listened from the bedroom. And after the final whistle was blown, she calmly asked Are You Done Actin’ A Fool? Want some breakfast? Hell Yea I want some breakfast!

After the questionable Jamie Vardy penalty, missed opportunities, Koscielny’s injury and a shocking performance from Martin Atkinson, Welbeck stepped on stage, gave Leicester fans the double middle finger, and dropped the mic. Some of those fans then took to Twitter to show their frustrations, and I couldn’t help but laugh a little. Actually, I lied, I laughed a lot, especially at one particular fan.

Funny that Mr. Halford would say AFC are embarrassing. The only thing/person embarrassing here is you, anyone that shares your opinion, and Mr. Martin Atkinson. Why you may ask?

Simpson’s red card may have been harsh, as I stated at the time of the incident, but he’s also an idiot considering he had been booked five minutes earlier. Then, he goes and blatantly pulls back Giroud, not even making the slightest attempt of making it less obvious. Giroud was in the final third, and while I don’t think that warranted a second yellow, given how shitty Atkinson’s performance was, I’m not surprised. Maybe a makeup call for the controversial penalty in the first half?

Coquelin should have been sent off? Have a look below sir.

Drinkwater Tackle On Aaron RamseyI understand Twitter has a character limit on your tweets, so that’s probably why you forgot to put in there that Drinkwater should have been sent off right? Also, please remind me as to why Coquelin should have been sent off? Was it for the two fouls he committed? One in the 13th minute, and the other in the 36th, for which he saw a yellow card. Did he kill your cat in the tunnel, warranting a sending off?

Last but not least, Welbeck’s goal in the 95th minute.

The match official gave a minimum of four added minutes. After Arsenal’s corner kick, the ball was cleared out and your dumbass defender who looks more like a wrestler than a footy player decided he was going to body-check Nacho Monreal outside your 18-yard box, resulting in a yellow card. Oh, and I forgot to mention, he committed the foul before the clock ticked 94 minutes. With a set piece in that area of the pitch, it was expected that Atkinson would have made that the last play of the match, just as it would have been expected on the other end of the pitch. Have a look for yourself, whistle is blown at 93:57.

The best part of this all were the fearless fans on Twitter who were ready to get in a virtual fist fight.

Some more appropriate replies!

Dean of Football Tweet

Twitter RepliesAnd the best ending to it all… Mr. Dave Gray!