Has Mesut Ozil Dropped A Hint Regarding His Future At Arsenal?

A lot has been said about Mesut Ozil and Alexis Sanchez over the last few weeks in regards to their future. With both Arsenal stars in fine form and their future in doubt, the transfer rumors aren’t surprising.

One of the latest in the rumor mill involved an apparent interest from Manchester United in Ozil.

We all knew that there would be interest from many clubs. Hearing that Mourinho is interested in the German international is not a surprise, given his obsession with Arsenal.

While footy media outlets were trying to put together some believable stories, Mesut Ozil was out making a big purchase.

According to the English media and some neighbors, Ozil may have purchased a £10m luxury home in North London. Could this big investment mean Mesut is on the verge of signing a very lucrative contract extension with Arsenal? We can only hope that’s the case.


Located in the Hampstead area, this six bedroom house has plenty of space for Ozil and whoever else he wants to invite over. Some of his neighbors would include the likes of Robert Pires, Olivier Giroud, Thierry Henry, David Ospina, Per Mertesacker and Laurent Koscielny. Talk about having an Arsenal themed block party?

He’s definitely moving in, but we haven’t seen him yet. – Ozil’s Potential New Neighbor

It sounds like the locals are well aware of the German maestro possibly moving in sooner rather than later.

Mesut Ozil House Dining Room

Ozil can enjoy some dinner in this modern room. Maybe he can replace that picture on the wall with a picture of him and Alexis? #Bromance!

While there is no confirmation of this purchase, one of the neighbors is hopeful Ozil moves in. They even went as far to say they wouldn’t be concerned about him hosting loud parties.

I hope it means our tranquillity won’t be ruined but I have heard Ozil is quite a quiet guy, and he is a practising Muslim so shouldn’t be having wild parties.

We’re crazy Arsenal fans, but to be honest we would prefer to only see the players at the stadium.

No promises, but if Arsenal wins the league, there will likely be a party, and it will be loud!