England Scouting Arsene Wenger? Good Luck With That!

Citizens of the United Kingdom, and more specifically those in England have had to endure a frustrating few days, well, maybe not all of them. For the 48% that voted to stay in the European Union, they may have been just as shocked at the poll results as I was. As if walking out on Europe on Friday wasn’t enough, the England National Team decided they’d do their part, and they too packed their bags and walked out of Euro 2016.

An absolutely shocking result for the Three Lions, falling flat on their face against Iceland, who have a part-time assistant manager. If you’re curious to know what he does when he’s not knocking England out of international competitions, he’s a dentist.

So now that we’ve taken some shots at how embarrassing England’s defeat was, let’s talk about this highly publicized discussion about who will be the next England manager.

I listen to TalkSport a lot, and although I don’t always agree with their opinions, sometimes, they actually do make sense. On Tuesday, there was a lot of discussion about who could fill the void left by Roy Hodgson, and to be honest, I think you and I could have done what Hodgson did, and for a lot less money. But anyway, Paddy Power called in and was talking about the odds for who was likely to take charge. First on the list was Gareth Southgate, and as he continued to read through some of the names such as Bilic, Pardew and Big Sam, one name made me smile, but in a sarcastic kind of way.

Arsene Wenger he said!! They can’t be serious right? Looking at the list below, Le Prof is number seven.

Odds For England's Next Manager

Now, let’s be serious.

When Arsene Wenger arrived in England, not many people knew about him. Many questioned his appointment at Arsenal, and his style was very different from what English Football was used to. As the years went on, his ideas started to earn some respect, leading him to the Invincibles campaign. Since then, it hasn’t been smooth sailing, but it goes without saying that Arsene Wenger is still one of the most respected managers in all of the footy world.

Over the last 10 or so years, this man has been dragged through the mud by some supporters, critics, pundits, analysts, bloggers, other managers, moms, dads, grandfathers, etc.. You get the point. He seems to be the manager that English journalists and pundits love to hate. Therefore, why the hell would he choose to take the job as England manager?

He has turned down opportunities from his own country in the past to stay at Arsenal, what in the hell makes you think he’s going to say; Sure, of course I’ll take the job to manage a country whose reporters have mocked me and questioned my coaching ability over the last decade. Makes total sense right?!

There’s always a chance, but the likelihood of Arsene walking out on Arsenal to take charge of England is very, VERY slim. Could it happen? Of course. But, at this stage in his career, I’m not sure that Arsene Wenger would even be interested in managing any national team given how little time he gets to spend with the players. It’s a completely different mentality and approach, one I’m not sure Arsene is all that interested in.

What I could see him doing is becoming the Technical Director for say France, overseeing their youth programs and making sure that everyone is on the same page. But managing England?! Don’t get your hopes up!