FA Cup Final Could Mean More Than Just Silverware For Arsenal

In the blink of an eye, or two, the Premier League campaign has come to a close. For Arsenal supporters, it ended in a way that we would not have expected back in August, but, we must accept it. We were finally surpassed by those freaken Spu*s, and if that wasn’t enough, we’ve been relegated to Europa League. That’s like the Championship of European Football. Arsenal just got sent to the kid’s table during Christmas dinner because they couldn’t hang with the adults. What is happening?!

We’ve experienced mid-week footy for so long. Now, instead of prepping for Tuesday and Wednesday nights and listening to The Championnnssss, we’re now part of the Thursday night crew. I don’t even know anything about their pre-match song. Freaken Europa League, WTF.

So if there’s any consolation for a year we won’t forget for a while, it all comes down to a meeting with the league champions at Wembley.

While winning the FA Cup will be great for many different reasons, regardless of the result, there’s likely more on the line than just a silver trophy with ribbons.

Keeping Arsene Wenger Can Get Tricky

The #WengerOut brigade have voiced their opinion more than ever this season, and it’s impossible that the board isn’t aware of their discontent, or even Arsene Wenger. Whether you think there is a good reason behind the protests or not, those fans are entitled to voice their opinion. Even if Arsenal come away with a victory on Saturday, I’d be willing to bet that most of those #WengerOut supporters aren’t going to change their opinion. They want Le Prof out, win, lose or draw. And if he goes, he may as well take Gazidis with him.

Ivan Gazidis, Silent Stan, and his also silent son Josh find themselves between a rock and a hard place. But, despite their potential dilemma, I’m confident that Arsene Wenger has already signed on the dotted line to extend his tenure at the club. Meanwhile, the three muppets previously mentioned are hoping and praying that Arsenal win on Saturday to give them a perfect opportunity to make the announcement.

If the Gunners don’t walk out of Wembley with the cup, I think they’ll wait a few days, maybe a week or so to make the announcement.

The only way out of this is if they pre-agreed that they would terminate the extension if Arsenal finished out of the top four and didn’t win the FA Cup final. But, knowing the Kroenke’s and Ivan the Terrible, they probably told Le Prof that the extension would remain valid as long as he finished in the top six, and… Wait, what am I saying?! Arsene Wenger runs the show, he told them he was extending with himself, how long, and when he’d announce it.

Give Alexis Something To Think About Other Than His Dogs

Atom and Humber are extremely important to Alexis Sanchez’s happiness and wellbeing, very much like the Chilean is to the happiness and wellbeing of Arsenal supporters.

Since his arrival, he’s been nothing short of amazing. He’s a nice guy, isn’t a big fan of late nights and partying, he takes care of himself in terms of fitness, and his competitive mentality should challenge his teammates.

El Nino Maravilla clearly doesn’t like to lose at anything, and when he doesn’t come out on the winning side, he doesn’t take it well. If he gets to the training ground at the same time as a teammate, he probably runs to beat them into the facility, that’s how competitive he is.

Yesterday, Bild reported that Arsenal had offered Alexis an eye watering £330k / week. Do I believe it? Ehh, not really. Do I want to believe it? Abso-fu**en-lutely!

Not winning the Premier League or even putting together a decent challenge certainly helped Alexis from a negotiation perspective. He is the best player at the club, he’s the most influential, and he’s the guy you want to keep. If that means you need to break the damn bank and show him the money because you got relegated to the fu**en Europa League, then so be it. He’s done his part on the pitch, now it’s time for Arsenal to do their part.

Keeping him with the club in the Europa League will also help persuade some other big names to join. If they see Alexis leave, that will not send a positive message.

So if somehow Stan and his minions grew some balls, or finally got approval from Arsene and this offer is legit, finishing the year with a title over the league champions could help him make up his mind. With that said, if Arsenal were to get slapped around by Conte’s crew and Diego Costa, literally, Alexis’ flight back to Chile for a Summer break will offer him loads of time to dwell on that defeat.

Do it for Alexis dammit. Give him something to think about while flying back home!