Granit Xhaka Has Already Joined, But Who Is Realistically Next For Arsenal?

When Mark Clattenburg blew the final whistle at the Emirates on May 15th, most Arsenal fans will have felt frustrated and annoyed. That frustration was obviously due in part to knowing that the Gunners could very well have claimed the Premier League title, had they managed to be a bit more consistent down the stretch.

If we want to look at it from a different perspective, the only real positive on the final day of the campaign was the fact that the little team in North London sh*t themselves at St. James Park and managed to finish behind Arsenal, AGAIN! They basically had their best campaign ever, played a relegated side on the final day, and got throttled. As Jack would say; What do we think of Tottenham? SH*T! What do we think of sh*t? Tottenham!!

Once the dust finally settled, yea Arsenal finished second, but the end of the season should have played out much differently.

So while we were all trying to figure out how the hell Leicester pulled it off, Arsene Wenger wasted no time. He scooped up Granit Xhaka from Mochengladbach in what seems to have been a never ending soap opera. How long had we been trying to sign him? Eh, it doesn’t matter, he’s already a Gooner. Who’s next?

Now that is a tricky question.

Arsene Wenger looked like he was on a mission, at least according to all the media.

One moment he was in Italy, chasing down Morata and his agent in order to kidnap the Spaniard from Juventus. A few hours later he could be found trying to drive the Vardy Party Bus straight to North London, and there was even time to make a quick stop in Dortmund to use his 2 for 1 coupon in an attempt to secure the signing of Aubameyang & Mkhitaryan.

How much of the rumors were true? I’m not really sure, but if I had to guess, the Vardy saga seems the most likely, yet the silence around the topic can be a cause for concern.

We can hope that the topic hasn’t been talked about much because the English media want him to be able to focus on Euro 2016, opposed to having to answer questions about his move to Arsenal? We all know that who ever was operating the live commentary for the England – Wales match on BBC’s website clearly couldn’t keep a potential secret and spilled the beans. How many times do you think that person cursed at themselves after hitting enter and submitting that live update?

As match day two comes to an end at Euro 2016, not much is being said on the topic of transfers, and one would expect that to continue, unless a player of interest has been eliminated from the competition… Anyone have any interest in the Ukrainian players?

Seeing how quickly Wenger put pen to paper with Xhaka, I can’t help but to be concerned at the possibility of the Frenchman not bringing anyone else in. While that doesn’t sound feasible seeing as Flamini, Rosicky and Arteta have left the club, we’ve all learned to expect the unexpected when it comes to Wenger & Gazidis.

We all know that another striker is needed, and even if Vardy does make the move, I wouldn’t be opposed to another attacking option because let’s face it, Welbeck is hurt again and Walcott… Well, Walcott is Walcott. While he can score some beauties, he’s also that guy who will be useless for three months, and will dribble so fast, he trips on the ball without any pressure from an opponent. It’s even more painful when you think about his weekly salary.

Another central defender should also be on the radar because although Mertesacker brings vision and experience to the table, the German isn’t getting any younger, and if with his age he loses more of his speed, Arsenal is fu**ed! He’s already got to be one of the slowest in the league, add another year to those long legs, we may be better off sticking one of those training ground dummies out there. Well, maybe not, but you get the point. His lack of pace has hurt us in the past, and if we want to really compete, we need another solid option at the back.

As Euro 2016 progresses, the transfer rumors will slowly start to work their way back into the daily routine. How active in the transfer window can we expect Arsenal to be? Will there be serious interest, or will it be more of we wanted the right guys, but the only ones popping up on our radar were the wrong guys?

Oh, the life of an Arsenal fan…!