History Is In Arsenal’s Favor Ahead Of Community Shield

It seems that not too long ago I was writing about a group of friends who were desperately begging for Arsenal in the FA Cup final. We Want The Arsenal they said! We all know how that went, and, to make that victory more memorable, some of those same friends are still bothered at the fact that I called them out. 🤷🏻‍♂️#HiHaters

Anyway, onto a new season.

As I did some research and looked into the history of both these clubs in the Community Shield, there were some interesting stats that stood out.

First, the fact that Chelsea has only won the Community Shield four times was interesting. Everton and Spu*s have won more than them. Hell, even Wolverhampton Wanderers have won the Community Shield four times.

The reasoning for that I’m sure is because it’s a preseason trophy. No one cares about it right?!

I guess if you don’t win it, it’s not important. But if you do, it’s a celebration. Either way, I don’t buy into that it’s a preseason trophy bullsh*t. Every club goes into every competition wanting to win it. Don’t believe me, ask Mourinho! He said in an interview a few years ago that the Europa League wasn’t for him! 🙄

Second, I wanted to take a look at the history of matches in the competition. After doing the same prior to the FA Cup Final, it was obvious that history was on Arsenal’s side, and this time around, it very well may be the case, again!

In their history, Arsenal has won the Community Shield thirteen times, the same amount of times they’ve won the FA Cup. If you look up the history of the competition, they have Arsenal down for 14 victories, but one of those was a scoreless draw against Spu*s in 1991, when at the time the rule was that they’d both share the title in the event of a draw. Fortunately they changed that rule. Who the hell shares a title?!

Even more interesting is the fact that from Arsenal’s thirteen victories, all of them were with them being listed as the home team. Again, very similar to the situation heading into the FA Cup Final.

Now, those stats are impressive, but, it doesn’t end there.

Chelsea on the other hand, have lost the Community Shield seven times. Six of those happened while they were listed as the away team. So, they have never won a Community Shield when listed as the away team. And, the last time these two met in this competition was in 2015. Arsenal 1-0 Chelsea.

I’m sure at this point you already know who is listed as the home and away team for Sunday’s match.

It’s Going To Get Personal, Again

Every match is eventful not just because of what happens on the pitch. When you have a group of friends who are passionate footy fans, you can always expect some friendly banter, although at times, it can be far from friendly.

Within our ongoing group chat, we have five Chelsea supporters, one Liverpool supporter, three Man Utd supporters, and two who haven’t really picked a side yet. As you can imagine, things can get tense very quickly.

Since the FA Cup Final, things have calmed down a bit, but on Sunday, it’s back to some friendly banter, and setting the group chat to Do Not Disturb when needed.

If Arsenal was to lose, given all the sh*t I gave them after the FA Cup Final, my phone may very well blow up from all the incoming messages. They could potentially overload the iMessage servers, and to be honest, I’ve had to endure years of trash talk, so at this point, it doesn’t really phase me.

Having history on their side, if Arsenal was to come out on top, it’ll be another miserable Sunday for the lads on the blue side of London. But of course, it doesn’t really matter at this point because it’s just a preseason trophy. 🙂

So here’s to another year supporting Arsenal, group chat arguments, yelling at the TV, listening to my wife tell me I have problems, and learning to care for a newborn while watching the Arsenal (this part may be hard). I can’t go against history here, so I’m going to say Arsenal come out on top 2-1, with Lacazette scoring one of the goals.

Disagree? Agree? Share your thoughts below.