Mesut Ozil With Another Assist, This Time Off The Pitch

Since arriving in North London, Mesut Özil has been on the positive side of fan feedback, but he has deserved some stick. To be honest, given his price tag and his past, there was a lot of pressure on the German to perform in the Premier League. While he could put together a few positive performances, his body language and lack of offensive contributions at times had Arsenal fans and critics running his name through the mud. I can admit that I too was unhappy with his lack of consistency since his arrival.

This season, the 27-year old German has kicked it up a notch. He has been an absolute animal on the pitch, and his stats back that up.

Mesut Ozil's Stats

16 assists in the Premier League through 19 appearances, capped with five Man of the Match awards and three goals. His performances have been so god damn inspiring, that an Arsenal fan made a toast to him at his own wedding. Funny how his wife is wiping away her tears, thinking he’s talking about her. Sorry love, there’s only one Mesut Özil.

I wake up every day and I still can’t grasp the fact that this someone is in my life. 

I feel incredibly lucky, and all that I hope is that this special someone knows from the bottom of my heart how much they truly mean to me. 

I know it’s difficult to find someone who makes you feel this way and I’m never ever going to take it for granted. So can we please raise a toast, to Mesut Ozil. Thank You!

Absolutely brilliant. Have a look below. Disclaimer: The crying baby noises could potentially infuriate you!

As if that wasn’t already brilliant, Özil responded to this couple on Twitter, inviting them to an Arsenal match once they return from their honeymoon. Add another assist to Ozil’s CV. Well done!