Outside The Zip: Arsenal Supporter Caught With Spu*s Mascot In His Boot

Apart from the general footy discussions, there are always those moments surrounding the club or their supporters that make you think a tad bit harder than others. Those candid moments when you’re least expecting something to happen, when you make a fool of yourself in training or during a match. Then, you have those moments like that of an Arsenal supporter who was just out doing some grocery shopping.

Within five seconds of watching the video, I couldn’t help but notice the Arsenal polo he was wearing. That instantly caught my attention, prompting me to continue watching what was about to happen.

As this guy comes out to his car to load up his groceries, or at least I think they are groceries, his trunk opens, or as they call it in the UK, the boot, and out jumps an interesting surprise. A freaken chicken! What makes it even more amusing is the fact that this guy is in complete disbelief as to what just happened. In his mind he’s trying to figure out how the hell a chicken got into his car.

His first reaction is to instantly deny!

What the f**k! What the f**k! That’s not mine!

While I’m sure we all want to believe you, it’s kind of hard to understand how the hell that chicken isn’t yours, seeing as it just jumped out of your car. I highly doubt this chicken saw you head into the store, magically opened the car door with the hands he doesn’t have and jumped in waiting for your return so that he could scare you! Surprise!

I’ve now watched the video about four times, and he genuinely looks shocked. Was it his? Did someone put it there without him noticing? Did the chicken magically let itself in? Who knows, but I must say that Daniel Levy must be looking all over town for his mascot!