Petr Cech Caught Looking Like A Nerdy School Teacher

You would think that the guy with the largest number of cleansheets all-time in the English Premier League would live a ravishing and over the top lifestyle. He wouldn’t want to be seen among the people with some security guards around him, let alone take public transportation. There are guys who will never even come close to reaching that mark and live a ravishing lifestyle, and given the way money is thrown around today in the footy world, it would certainly be expected. But, we’re here to talk about the great Petr Cech, he’s different, in case you haven’t noticed.

The man is not only brilliant in between the sticks, he’s good with the sticks (see below), he speaks to the Arsenal back-four in Spanish (Monreal & Bellerin), English (Mertesacker) because German is just too damn hard to learn, French (Lauren Koscielny), and he takes public transportation.

Without his protective helmet, to be fair, I think I would have had to look at him two or three times to finally figure out it was him. Petr, is that you!? 

He looks like a nerdy school teacher with his glasses on, and he fits right in on the train. If he wasn’t as famous as he is but was still a professional footy player, I’d be willing to bet not many people would recognize him. Either way, he used the time off Wenger gave the squad to do some sightseeing in London.

What I’m very surprised about is that no one tried to take a selfie with him. Then again, given the fact that he looks more sophisticated than the younger generation of footy players, it was probably best the bystanders kept it simple and just took a regular fan photo.

Keep on keeping it real Petr, and while you’re at it, keep on keeping that ball out of the net!