The Alexis Sanchez Soap Opera Is Almost Over, But How Will It End?

Prior to the Confederations Cup Final against Germany, Alexis Sanchez mentioned that he’d announce his decision after the tournament. Well, it’s all over now in Russia, and all Arsenal supporters including myself are anxiously waiting.

The fact that we don’t know what the hell is going through his mind is frustrating. Even more frustrating is that Arsenal let it get this far, but with Gazidis and Kroenke running the show, is anyone surprised?

Rumor has it that the all-time leading Chilean goalscorer is set to meet with Arsene Wenger this week.

If Le Prof is smart and did his homework, he’ll bring a contract offer with a significant pay increase on it, as well as dog treats. Atom and Humber’s happiness is also important. Don’t forget his furry friends Arsene! Knowing him, he’ll get the discounted treats. 🤦🏻‍♂️

On a more serious note, I’m not sure what to think.

Body Language On The Pitch

In the second half of the season, it was hard to ignore Alexis’ reactions on the pitch. The one that really stands out was the match away to Bournemouth. He stormed off after the final whistle, despite Arsenal battling back to level the match at three, but, he knows, as well as we know that that’s not good enough.

For a player of his level, he’s looking to compete for titles, and sure, Arsenal did win the FA Cup, but we were a long way away from challenging for the Premier League title.

Must I even mention that incredibly sad picture of him crouched on the pitch during that training session against Bayern Munich?

If this picture doesn’t smash your heart, well, then you might not have one!

Now, are his reactions something that is acceptable? I guess it all depends on how you look at it.

You know that even if he’s injured, sick, or having an off day, this man will run himself into the ground. He may make a few poor passes, and his decision making may be off, but, he will not stop battling, unlike others.

Therefore, his reactions only show me that he actually cares, and holds his teammates to a high standard.

Arsenal doesn’t have a leader in the squad who will lay into teammates when needed, so if Alexis needs to be that guy, then so be it. If anything, the players know his importance, which leads me to believe they don’t take his frustrations in a bad way.

Did Alexis Send A Message In Stoke?

As the season was coming to an end, he began to get his form back. One positive celebration that stands out was away to Stoke City, when he ran along the end line, pointing at himself, and then down, as if to say I’m staying here.

Could that really be what he was saying? It sure as hell looked like it, but I guess we will find out soon enough when an announcement is made about his future.

Have a look for yourself!

What Is the Likely Outcome?

I really can’t picture Arsenal without Alexis, simply because his energy is infectious. The guy just doesn’t stop, and his desire should rub off on everyone else. While we don’t know what happens behind closed doors, from what we can see, the players enjoy his presence, and they also know he’s a key figure in the squad. He’s one of those guys that you will struggle to replace.

With the rumors about City interested in signing him, I’m worried because we know they have money to lure him to the north of the country, but would he want to work with Pep again? Would he prefer to be the star at Arsenal, and give the club one more opportunity to prove that they are serious about competing, and are willing to spend in the transfer window?

We can only hope he wants to stay, and his meeting with Arsene Wenger goes just as well as we’d like.

Regardless of whether Arsenal brings in Lacazette, Mbappe and even Lemar or Mahrez, if we lose Alexis, it’s a step backwards. He’s a difference maker who gives you a level of play every match that none of the previous four I named can do as regularly as he does.

So what’s it gonna be Alexis?! Can I order my new Arsenal kit with your name on the back?