This Arsenal Fan Did The Unthinkable On His Wedding Day

It wasn’t too long ago that we heard about an Arsenal fan dedicating his wedding toast to Mesut Ozil. That in itself was quite interesting, and shocking, especially for his missus who thought her now husband was speaking such kind words about her.

That guy’s speech went viral! While absolutely brilliant, there’s another Arsenal fan out there that not only called his bet, but he went all in.

We are talking about none other than Bizzo Musicmad. I think that’s his name, at least that’s what his Facebook account says.

Bizzu Musicmad Wedding Picture

Would you have a look at Bizzo and his new wife! That right there is the definition of a Full Kit Wanker! Could you imagine having this conversation with your soon to be wife? I was thinking, ugh, maybe, you know, I could wear my Arsenal kit at the wedding?! 

More often than not, that conversation will promptly end with absolutely not, are you kidding, or the worst case scenario, the wedding is off!

Well ladies and gentleman, Bizzo’s missus was all for it.

My wife is from Woking and she is awesome. She let me get married in my full Arsenal kit. Maybe I just got lucky!

Best part of it all, he wore the entire kit, including socks and boots!

The only real downfall of this whole thing is the fact that he didn’t take the time to at least purchase the latest Arsenal kit. Either way, hats off to Bizzo. Absolutely brilliant!