This Arsenal Supporter Did What Many Others Will Have Wanted To Do

After 90 minutes of mostly entertaining football at the Emirates on Tuesday, Arsenal once again came out on the losing end against Barcelona. Am I and other Arsenal supporters surprised we lost? Absolutely not, but what is frustrating is the fact that we had the chances to take the lead, but just couldn’t find the back of the net.

As the story goes, if you don’t take your opportunities, your opponent likely will.

That’s exactly what happened on Tuesday, after a first half where Arsenal played well and stuck to the plan. The only problem was that they needed efficiency in their plan, which didn’t happen.

Frustration and anxiety was starting to grow, especially after Ox missed that chance at the top of the six-yard box. How the hell did he not knock that into the ol’ onion bag?! I had already jumped out of my seat ready to celebrate, only to have to sit down in embarrassment.

Then came the big blow we all knew could happen, but we were hopeful it wouldn’t.

At that point, you knew it was a huge mental blow to a side that had worked incredibly hard on and off the ball. The icing on the cake came during Flamini’s thirty or so seconds on the pitch.

That completely put Kelly Sotherton over the top. While it will be an expensive replacement, I can’t deny that I haven’t wanted to pick my TV up and smash it into pieces at times. Fortunately I haven’t done that, yet, but for now, we can use this as a lesson. Just walk away from the TV before bad things happen!

We feel your pain Kelly!