Troy Deeney To Arsenal Rumors Are A Joke, Right?

As Arsenal fans, we have become used to all the rumors and speculation about who the club is going to sign. More often than not, those rumors hold no credibility, and in this case, I certainly hope history repeats itself. When I saw the headline I wasn’t really sure what to make of it, but as I started to see it popup in more than one place, it got me a bit nervous. Taking a quick look through Twitter, it’s obvious that I’m not the only one that’s hoping this is an early April Fools joke.

Troy Deeney… Troy Freaken Deeney! Really?

If that’s not bad enough, a transfer for the Watford captain would cost approximately £20 million. Are you kidding me?! In what world is Deeney worth £20 million? If he’s worth that much money, then Ighalo should be sold for somewhere around £40, and while we are at it, slap a £60 million sticker on Giroud’s forehead.

Arsenal could obviously use a striker, but this guy is absolutely not the answer, especially for that price. For the sake of the conversation, let’s have a little peek at this guys numbers.

Troy Deeney Stats

So he has six goals from 20 appearances in the Premier League, along with five assists. Not that bad right? Well, actually it’s not great. He’s averaging 0.3 goals per game, and he’s a regular starter, and when I say a regular starter, from those 20 appearances, he’s averaging 89.7 minutes per match. Why in the world would you spend £20 million on a guy who in my opinion is no where near the level needed to be at Arsenal, and he really doesn’t bring much more to the table than the options we already have. Even with Welbeck injured I’d have more faith in him leading the line once he returns.

Theo Walcott for example, who is incredibly inconsistent, has better stats than Deeney, and he spends most of his time out wide.

Theo Walcott's Stats

We’ll only talk about the Premier League in this case since those are the stats we are looking at for Deeney. Walcott is averaging 0.27 goals per match, which if you want to be technical can be rounded up to 0.3, and he’s done it in almost half the appearances. So if Giroud needs a break, I’d much rather throw Walcott up top and let him make some runs for Mesut Ozil, than spend a ridiculous amount of money on Deeney. And honestly, there is no chance in hell Deeney could play as the sole striker in Wenger’s system, and with Giroud in the lineup, there’s no chance in hell he’d play.

So again, this is an early April Fools joke right? Or maybe it’s a rumor to attract attention so Arsenal could sneak in and make a stealth mode transfer for Aubameyang?? There were reports that the Gabon international was a no show at practice today…

While we all try to soak this latest rumor in, have a look at some of the fan reactions on Twitter.