What Can Arsenal Supporters Expect In December?

A lot has been said about Arsenal’s consistent meltdown in the month of November. Looking back the past six seasons, there have been some struggles, but it realistically hasn’t always been doom and gloom.

In the current season, Arsenal finished the eleventh month of the year with two victories, three draws, and a pending EFL Cup fixture against Southampton on Wednesday. They began the month on a high, and can end in similar fashion.

Some will argue that both their victories came against two clubs who are far from top notch. Yea, I can agree Ludugorets is an opponent Arsenal should be beating 10 out of 10 times. As for the Cherries, they aren’t the prime rib of the Premier League, but they are a mid-table club who is not afraid to stick to their guns.

None of this parking the bus business. Eddie Howe enjoys free-flowing offensive footy, and that’s what you get. His side is sitting 10th in the Premier League, and already took points off one of the clubs in the top five, but we won’t mention any names. They did lose to Arsenal and City, but still have the opportunity to take points from Chelsea and Liverpool.

Let’s see if people change their opinion of the Cherries next week when they host Liverpool.

Last season, the Gunners played five matches in November, but only won once.

They began the month getting smashed 5-1 against Bayern Munich, and ended the month with a draw against Norwich. Terrible!

Their best November in recent years was during the 2013/14 campaign. They played  six, won five and lost just one. And making matters worst, that defeat was against United, and Van PurseStrings got the damn goal. Scum!

That was also the year Aaron Ramsey was scoring goals for fun, and celebrities were fearing for their lives. Unfortunately for us, that’s slowly fizzed out, but I’m sure high profile celebrities are praying he doesn’t find his form again. Trying to play guess who is next in real life can’t be fun.

Now that we believe they’ve managed to get over the hump, it’s time to look ahead to what will be a hectic December.

Something about the month of December, Christmas and lots of footy is incredibly satisfying. Arsenal will play seven matches before the New Year, with six being in December. Hold onto your hats people, sh*t is about to get crazy!

Will Arsenal Make Christmas Dinner Enjoyable?

Arsenal Christmas Picture

Having dinner on Christmas with your family and discussing footy is a must. At least for me it is. Actually, we always talk about footy; birthdays, weddings, get togethers. Basically everywhere, except funerals. I even went to visit a friend who a few months ago who had just given birth, and while we visited, her scouser husband and I engaged in some friendly banter.

Christmas dinner will be no different.

The month will begin with a tough visit to London Stadium to take on the bubble blowers. Bilic’s men have been struggling for consistency, but after embarrassingly letting Spu*s steal three points, they kicked back at Old Trafford, no pun intended. Even Mou got so frustrated he had to watch the match amongst the fans, something that’s become usual for him lately.

Hopefully the Hammers pick up some injuries on Wednesday, again at Old Trafford. But, I can’t imagine Bilic will risk his regulars.

West Ham is struggling, and although it won’t be easy, Arsenal should make it five wins from their last six meetings away to the Hammers. Last season they drew three all with a god damn hattrick from Andy Freaken Carroll. Man was I heated that day!

After that, a trip to Switzerland to finish the Champions League Group Stage.

This match should have been the confirmation of first place, instead, we once again don’t depend on ourselves. The lads need to win, and hope the Bulgarian’s can somehow shock the Parisians, and steal some points. Park the damn bus, all your luggage, and the airplane you fly in on. Park it all!

While a victory in Basel is expected, not sure we can expect much from Ludogorets. Second place it is.

They return home to take on low scoring Stoke City.

Having started the season poorly, they are slowly starting to put it together. I mean it’s so crazy, Charlie Adam admitted to pushing his defender at the weekend, on the play where he scored the only goal of the match. This guy is an absolute bully on the pitch, and even puts opponents in head locks, how the hell did they get him to admit that?!

Regardless, with or without Charlie, Arsenal is expected to win. The Potters have lost their last nine visits to the Emirates, and this should be ten straight.

Visiting Goodison Park won’t be easy. Granted Arsenal have taken maximum points there in the previous two visits, this is a potential match where they could drop points.

The Toffees have been in terrible form since September, so let’s hope it continues for a few more weeks. Need to walk in there, smash and grab, then walk out! But seriously, this one should be circled as a nail biter.

Here is where things get interesting.

Arsene Wenger takes the lads into City of Manchester Stadium. You know Pep Guardiola’s men will be ready for this one, but we can only hope our beloved Gooners will match their intensity. Mustafi, you follow Aguero around everywhere. If he goes to the men’s room, you wait outside until he comes out. Can’t allow him any space.

From their last six meetings at the Etihad, or whatever you want to call it, Arsenal won two, lost two and drew two. To be honest, this will be one of those matches where it’s ok not to win, but you absolutely cannot lose.

This will be their last match before Christmas dinner. Do not let me down dammit!

To finish the year, Tony Pulis and the Baggies travel to the Emirates 24-hours after Santa dropped off all your gifts. Cuddle up in your new snuggie and watch Arsenal end the year with three points.

Arsenal has won their last five against West Brom at home, with four cleansheets. Looks like the perfect time to make it six in a row, and maybe a fifth clean sheet, if they aren’t too hung over from Christmas dinner and their adult beverages. At least we don’t have Wayne Rooney to worry about. Too soon?!

If my math is accurate, I’m going to say December will be a good month. The City game is a can’t lose, so I’ll say they draw, while Everton has the possibility of a banana skin, but Arsene Wenger’s go-kart will cruise right around that sh*t, snatching three points. So four Premier League wins, one UCL win, and a draw at City.

I think that sounds realistic!

PS – Walcott picks up a few goals along the way, earning his right to a new coffee machine.