Who Should Arsenal Sell This Summer?

Now that the curtain has closed, and Arsenal have announced what we all already knew about Arsene Wenger’s contract, it’s time to talk transfers. As an Arsenal supporter, we have to endure a long Summer filled with warm weather, comical transfer rumors, and Arsenal’s lack of ambition in the transfer window.

Arsene Wenger’s contract negotiations may have covered his frugal approach to transfers, but we can’t confirm, nor deny that. My hope is that Silent Stan told Le Prof that he has the money to spend, and he should use it. According to the rumors, he looks interested in spending, but up until now, it looks like the only purchase he’s made was maybe a new pair of shoes while spending some time in France with Ivan Gazidis.

If you’re thinking, well Arsenal signed Kolasinac… He was a free transfer.

Whether or not he’ll spend big to bring in one or two big names remains to be seen, but, what we do know is that there are quite a few players who could leave the club. For some, the writing has been on the wall for quite some time, and others, maybe not.

I’ll cover a handful of players who I think certainly stand out, but, by no means is this the full list. In fact, there are others, but we can keep this short and sweet, or at least try to.

Here we go…

Mathieu Debuchy

Salary: £70k/wk
Contract Term: 2019

This photo of Debuchy is fitting of his career at Arsenal. He continuously tries to bounce back and make a name for himself, but there are things holding him back, such as injuries. I’m fairly certain that his medical records folder is nearly as full as Diaby’s.

In all honesty, I had high hopes for the Frenchman. I liked him at Newcastle, and thought he’d be a good fit at the Emirates. He may not be a top five right-back, but he is a good squad player. His injuries gave Bellerin the opportunity to step up and become a first team regular, so we can appreciate that. If Arsenal’s website is accurate, and I’d hope it is, he’s made 23 first team appearances since the 2014/15 season kicked off. He had 15 across all competitions in his first year, seven last year, and one this season, which didn’t last long.

He had a bust up with Arsene Wenger this season, so I think it’s time to go. Not necessarily because of his bust up with Le Prof, but because I don’t think there’s any hope of him being able to stay healthy. Arsenal can’t turn this into Diaby 2.0. Find a new home for him, maybe get £5-8m in a transfer fee, or hell he can leave for free. Just get him off the books.

Au Revoir Mathieu!

Carl Jenkinson

Salary: £45k/wk
Contract Term: 2018

Carl, where do I start?

Arsenal supporters can appreciate that the club runs through his veins, but, sometimes that’s not enough. With 62 appearances since his debut in 2012, he’s struggled to make a name for himself at the top level. The fact that he was healthy and available a few times this season, yet Arsene Wenger opted to start Gabriel says it all. Gabriel may have played on the right side of a back four before, but he’s naturally a central defender, and he’s left footed. I think the writing is on the wall.

He may not earn the club more than £2-4m of a transfer fee (am I being generous?), but it’s time to let him go elsewhere to play regularly. Maybe a stint at a club like Southampton could help him develop?! Sorry Carl, but unfortunately it’s not always about how passionate of a supporter you are.

Per Mertesacker

Salary: £70k/wk
Contract Term: 2017

El Capitan, the leader, the enforcer, right? Eh, not necessarily. While I can appreciate his willingness to give a teammate an earful when they decide to make an absolutely dreadful decision on the pitch, or forget to thank the supporters (Ozil),  he’s not cut out for the long grind of the Premier League.

I can appreciate the heroic performance he put in against Chelsea at Wembley, but, I think that may have been his best performance since joining the club? What’s the likelihood he can reproduce that display?

We can’t get hung up on one performance. Had he not taken part in that match, everyone would be agreeing that he should move on elsewhere. He’s not quick enough, and if Arsenal really want to be ambitious, they need someone better than Mertesacker coming off the bench.

There are rumors that he may stay another year, or he may retire this summer and take on a role at the club. If he stays in either situation, I won’t be upset, but if he extends his player contract, I think there will be more moaning about him throughout the season and his inability to run, or his lack of being able to jump higher than 2.3cm off the ground.

That £70k/wk could be used elsewhere, maybe add that on to Alexis’ contract?! Just a thought!

Kieran Gibbs

Salary: £60k/wk
Contract Term: 2018

When Arsenal extended his contract along with the rest of the UK lads, you got this sense of hope. Would Arsenal have themselves a solid core here, led by British players, and a Welshman?

Fast forward a few years…

None of them are undisputed regulars in the starting XI. If anything, Gibbs has become a regular on the substitutes list, which is obviously something he’d rather not do.

Some people give Monreal loads of stick, but let’s be serious, what does Gibbs offer that’s undoubtedly superior to what Monreal does? Go on, I’ll give you some time to think about it…

Still thinking?

Ok, time is up!

If your one advantage that came to mind is pace, well, I guess you’re right, but that by no means should get him on the team sheet ahead of Nacho.

Defensively he makes some amateur mistakes, and going forward, he’s not one to get to the end line to put in a cross. And when he does get in a good position, 11 out of 10 times, his cross doesn’t beat the first defender.

Just like many others, I was hopeful he’d develop and turn into a top left back. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like that’s how it was meant to play out.

With Kolasinac joining the club from Schalke, although Gibbs is younger than Monreal, I think it would be a huge mistake to ship the Spaniard and keep Gibbs. Let him go frustrate supporters elsewhere.

David Ospina

Salary: £40k/wk
Contract Term: 2019

Ospina tends to get a lot of stick, but I’d say some of it is unfair. When called on, he normally does his job. Despite his lack of playing time, Wenger gave him the opportunity to start in the Champions League, and there were some matches that would have been over by halftime had it not been for him.

Sure, when a cross is played into the box it turns into an adventure. Quite honestly, more of an adventure than I’d like, but more often than not, he sorts it out.

Against Chelsea in the FA Cup Final, I still think he could have done a little better on that goal. A stronger hand keeps that ball out of the goal. Despite that, he did come up with a big save late in the match, although that shot from Diego Costa may have hit him more than him making a save.

The latest in the rumor mill indicates that the Colombian is on his way out of North London, and Fenerbahce were a likely destination, but that may have broken down over the last few days. Arsenal upped their asking price, which I think was originally £3M, and rightfully so. If you’re looking for bargain shopping, go look elsewhere.

£3M for Colombia’s starting goalkeeper would be terrible business for Arsenal. I’d ask for at least £8-10M. If Jordan Pickford is worth £30M, then Ospina is worth more than £3M.

Thank you for your services Ospina!

Theo Walcott

Salary: £110k/wk
Contract Term: 2019

After scoring 14 goals during the 2012/13 campaign, I made a bet with a cousin of mine that during the 2013/14 campaign he would score at least 14 goals. I believe the number we had set was 14. I thought for sure the Theo we had all been waiting for had finally hit his stride. In proper Theo fashion, he started slow, ended up scoring five goals, and was injured most of the season.

Safe to say that bet went to sh*t.

From then on, he’s continued to frustrate me, even if he did score 10 goals this season.

Every year we go in thinking this has to be the year he breaks out, only to be disappointed year after year. That false sense of hope is killing me.

What I don’t understand is that he’s one of the quickest in the league, without the ball. With the ball, it’s like he reverts back to when he was five years old and was learning how to dribble. Go on Theo, dribble through the cones, you can do it.

He then is unable to make an intelligent run in behind defenders, and making matters worst, he gets constantly caught offside. For someone so quick, you have the pace, there’s no need to play on the limit.

I don’t think Arsene Wenger would sell him, but I think it would be their best time to get some money for him. I’m hopeful that since I’m suggesting he move on, that breakout year we’ve been waiting for happens next season. And to think he’s on £110k/wk, and Alexis is only on £140k/wk. 🤔

Joel Campbell

Salary: £60k/wk (uncertain)
Contract Term: 2018 (uncertain)

For a few years now, I’ve had a soft spot for Joel Campbell. I’d watch this guy put in great performances for Costa Rica, and I remember some stellar displays while he was at Olympiakos. Whether he played down the middle or out wide, one thing you knew you’d get from him was effort. Making that spot even softer is the fact that I ran into him at the Grande Real Villa Itália Hotel & Spa last August in Portugal while on vacation with the missus. I knew he was in Lisbon to sign with Sporting CP, but when he turned the corner as I waited for them to check us in, I couldn’t believe my eyes.

I told him I would have liked to see him given a chance at Arsenal, and he agreed with my thoughts. He also said he’d be back next season.


He made 19 PL appearances in the 2015/16 campaign, and from what I can remember, he had some solid performances. Furthermore, Arsene Wenger’s has publicly stated that he likes Campbell. So, why the hell do you keep loaning him out?!

At this point, I don’t see Le Prof giving him much of a chance going forward. And, the fact that he’s not a regular at Sporting CP makes me wonder if he’s really good enough for a club like Arsenal?!

Joel, I hate to see you go, but, I think it’s in your best interest if you want to progress in your career. But, if you decide to stay, I certainly won’t be upset, I promise.